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Vulvar non-filarial elephantiasis associated with scabies

Featured Vulvar non-filarial elephantiasis associated with scabies

Sarah Sabur, Saoussane Bounajma, Mounia Nasr, Samir Mazouz

Vulvar elephantiasis is a very rare condition often caused by filariasis infection. Other causes like general inflammatory disease, cancer treatment, traumatic causes or other infections can also explain the occurrence of this condition . In some cases it is due to unknown causes.
In this study, we present the clinical case of a Moroccan youth female patient with no significant history, who presented vulvar elephantiasis associated with scabies with no evidence of filariasis infection, general inflammatory disease, malignancy, or other infection.
This clinical case is interesting because of the large volume of lymphedema, its atypical localization, its association with generalized scabies, and the absence of a well-defined etiology, which may explain its occurrence.

Key words: Elephantiasis, vulvar, scabies, lymphedema

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