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Journal Membership Card



International Sci Ink Press releases Journal Membership Card in our journals, as a purpose to connect and support researchers who publish lowest publication fee to promote the research work across the world.

Membership Benefits:

- A member will enjoy an additional 20 EUR discount on MD and PhD Publication Plans in all journals.

- Members will have a chance to get a discount from article processing fee with collected points in our rewarding publication system. We give points for accepted manuscripts, completed reviews and received citations in all journals. You can use up to 30 points/euros as a voucher for payment of the publication fee.

  • 1 original article = 10 points
  • 1 review article = 7 points
  • 1 case report or other article type = 5 points
  • 1 completed review = 3 points
  • 1 received citation = 5 points

- The points have lifetime validity. They are collected from all publications in the Journals. 

- The points will be assigned to the first author and/or corresponding author in a publication.

Duration: 1 year
Price: €20.00